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Supplemental Resources

"I Can" Statements for Grades K-6 (ELA & Math)


Fry Word Lists (1,000 Words)


Links & Supporting Materials


This link provides a database for online educational and technology resources.  You may compare products and search by content area, age/grade, and other filters. 

Reading Resources Grades K-3


Includes weekly reading logs, Five Mile Reading Plan, and video examples of reading activities.


MARK12 Remedial Reading Program

New this year is the Mark12 Reading program! MARK¹² stands for Mastery... Acceleration... Remediation...K¹² and is designed for students who are reading two or more grades below grade level. The courses give students the opportunity to master missed concepts in a way that accelerates them through the remediation process. The engaging courses features new graphics, learning tools, and games; with adaptive activities that help struggling students master concepts and skills before moving on.

embarK12 comprehensive - Kindergarten Readiness

Young children are naturally eager learners. With EmbarK¹² Comprehensive— our award-winning, research-based program—children ages 3–5 can receive a complete pre-K education at home that taps into their natural learning abilities and fully prepares them for kindergarten.  

Noodleverse Language Arts Program for K-3

Noodleverse English/Language Arts is a new supplemental online reading and writing skills practice and enrichment program. Noodleverse has thousands of fun activities to get kids excited about reading and writing. 


NEW! LearnBop  Math Tutoring Program


LearnBop is a highly adaptive, self-paced, online math tutoring program for grades 3–12. It includes more than 11,000 state-aligned math problems with step-by-step tutorials developed by award-winning experts that ensure students master concepts. The result: your child will become a confident learner by truly exceling at math and succeeding beyond simply improving homework or cramming for a test. Studies have shown that students increase their learning by 66% when using LearnBop for math tutoring. The program is available for a single student or for a family with up to 4 students for a discounted price.

K12 Adaptive Technology & K12 Math+ Program

K12 premiered new “Adaptive” technology in the Math+ Program and Mark12 Remedial Reading Program.  In an "Adaptive" course, the system intelligently "adapts" to the student's skill and knowledge level, providing help in areas they are needed most.


Free Online Science Resources
Radar Resources also includes lots of free science learning online including:

Mystery Science is free for a family for a year, and they can sign up at the included link. After the first year, it may be purchased for $99 teacher subscription up to 30 licenses. Please call the school office for more information.

Social Studies