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School Policies & Procedures

This section details some of the specific Five Mile Prairie procedures that you will need to understand. We realize that as the parent or guardian you are most interested in the education of your student. With this in mind, we strive to keep paperwork as minimal as possible while also maintaining reasonable accountability measures. The policies in this section attempt to strike this balance.

Academic Honesty & Plagiarism

Plagiarizing is defined as the committing of literary theft: presenting as a new and original idea or product derived from an existing source is a serious offense. Assignments and tests should be a student’s original work, except when the instructor has requested participation in a group project. Students will not submit work that is plagiarized or otherwise violates copyright laws of the United States of America. Teachers have the ability to search all written work for evidence of plagiarism. Because plagiarism is a crime, a violation will be dealt with as a disciplinary issue.

Food Items

Food items are not to be consumed during classroom instructional times except with the teacher’s permission. Students will be able to purchase cold lunches through the Mead School District lunch program. Please have your children bring food that is ready to eat for lunch. Microwaves or refrigerators will not be available at lunch time.

Behavioral Conduct

Five Mile Prairie students are expected to abide by all rules and expectations published by the Mead School District or indicated by Five Mile Prairie instructional staff. By enrolling in Five Mile Prairie, students agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of all disciplinary procedures established by Five Mile Prairie to address violations of rules. A student’s due process rights will be observed in all such instances, including the right to appeal all disciplinary decisions made by staff and administrators.

Three general rules of conduct:
  1. Be respectful to yourself, others and school property.
  2. Be responsible.
  3. Meet your potential.

Electronics: Cell Phones/iPods/MP3 Players/Gaming Devices

In an effort to minimize distration and encourage interaction among
our students we have declared Five Mile Prairie School an “electronic free zone”. Cellphones,iPods, electronic games, laptops, etc. are not allowed at school unless approved by a staff member for special use. Not only do these items cause interruption in class they are at risk of damage and theft. If these items are brought to school without express permission, they will be held at the office.

Academic Probation

Students failing to perform academically will be placed on probation. If a secondary student’s grade dips below 70% in any class, the student will be required to attend tutoring until their grade climbs above 70% in any class. If a student is achieving below 70% in three classes, the student and parents will meet with the principal to discuss efforts to improve academic success. If this fails, the family will be asked to consider another school option for their child.

Network Policy

Each student must sign a district Network policy uses agreement before they are allowed access to any of the district’s technology. This agreement is part of the enrollment packet.

Educational Field Trips

Five Mile Prairie parents will be developing a number of educational field trips during the year. You will be given ample notice of upcoming field trips. These trips will include popular destinations such as museums, parks area zoos, aquariums and others. Families are encouraged to recommend other destinations for consideration for field trips. School rules govern behavior of all field trips.

Lost and Found

All lost and found items will be kept in the health room. Items not claimed at the end of each semester will be donated to charity.


Only students who are enrolled in the class should be participating in classroom instructional times unless prior authorization (please allow one week notice) has been established. This can save some embarrassing moments for everyone involved. In the event younger siblings are on the premises during instructional times, they must be under the direct supervision of the parent. All visitors will check in at the office.

Family Mailboxes

All families are assigned mailboxes that must be checked each week. It is very important that you, as the parent, are checking your box since most correspondence from the office will be through your mailbox. If you are new and are not sure how to locate your mailbox or you do not have a box, please see the office staff for help.

Family Directory

Five Mile Prairie School family names, addresses and phone numbers will be published in WINGS unless a family contacts the Five Mile Prairie School office to request their information be removed.

Crosswalk Use

We require that students use the marked crosswalk at the corner of Strong and Five Mile Road when walking to and from the Grange Hall for class. Please set a good example for our kids and use the crosswalk.