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Purchasing & Curriculum


One of the many benefits of enrolling your student in the Five Mile Prairie School is that each student receives a budget allotment to help defray educational expenses. Each budget is based on the number of hours your child is enrolled in the program and the time of year in which your student enrolls.

A full time student enrolled for the entire school year receives a budget of $500.00 ($250.00 for Kindergarten) towards the family account. If your student enrolls mid year, the allotment is prorated on a daily basis. Shared students receive a percentage of the total budget amount. For instance, if your teen-age student is enrolled .6 hours at Five Mile Prairie School and .4 at another school he/she will receive $300.00 ($500.00 X .6). During the school year only half of the family budget allotment may be spent per semester.

New families will be required to meet with the Teacher Liaison for a minimum of two consultations. The role of the Teacher Liaison is to help new families make the transition to Five Mile Prairie School. The Teacher Liaison is a certified teacher and an experienced home based educator with a thorough knowledge of all aspects of Five Mile Prairie School.

The curriculum budget allotment funds are tracked here at Five Mile Prairie School and you may view your balance at any time on your WINGS account. Please keep track of your budget balance and try to reserve funds for expenses that accrue during the school year. Funds will not carry over from year to year. Note: Five Mile Prairie School’s fiscal year is May to May. This also means that we cannot pay for any activities that are incurred in the summer months (June, July and August).

If you have any questions please come to the office. We are happy to help in any way we can.


Curricular materials and supplementary items acquired to support learning goals identified in the WSLP are categorized as returnable and non-returnable. Returnable instructional materials retain their value and usability from year to year and are the property of Five Mile Prairie. Returnable instructional materials must be inventoried and marked as such at the time of acquisition. Returnable instructional materials must be returned to Five Mile Prairie within 14 days of a student’s withdrawal from the program (or when requested by Five Mile Prairie staff).

Contact Five Mile Prairie staff with any questions regarding the definition of returnable instructional materials in advance of acquisition of materials. Please note that a parent or guardian MAY NOT “purchase” a returnable instructional material from the program. State law requires that such items remain the property of Five Mile Prairie until disposed of through a state-mandated surplus process.

The Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) reviews all instructional materials a teacher, parent or guardian use in support of the WSLP goals. The IMC ascertains instructional appropriateness, and in turn recommends books and materials to the district’s Superintendent and Board of Directors, who grant final approval for use in this program.

Five Mile Prairie provides instructional materials and supplies consistent in quality with those available to traditional school students. Five Mile Prairie acquires instructional materials and supplementary learning items for use by parents and students from a variety of vendors and businesses, including those online and in local communities. Instructional materials are acquired by filling out a requisition form and returning it to our office staff. If you are interested in curricula from a provider not used by our school, please check with the vendor to determine if a purchase order from the Mead School District is acceptable.

Once you have identified the books, courses, supplies and/or materials needed for each area of study, you will submit a written request to our office.


Non-returnable Instructional Materials
  • Workbooks
  • Science kits with materials that are “used up”

Returnable Instructional Materials
  • All books: literature/reading, textbooks, manuals, reference books, dictionaries, music, encyclopedia, etc.
  • Games, puzzles, educational manipulatives
  • CDs, DVDs, videos and equipment


1.Borrower is responsible for all assets checked out to their family. Parents or guardians are financially liable for materials borrowed by minors.

2.All assets are understood to be exposed to normal wear and tear. Items returned showing damage considered beyond normal wear shall be repaired or replaced at the expense of the borrower. The cost for repair or replacement will be charged to the parent or guardian by Five Mile Prairie.

3.When possible, damaged books will be repaired in the library and remain in circulation. When necessary, they will be sent to a professional bindery.

4.The borrower may be charged for any damage beyond warranty coverage, or the normal wear and tear that occurs through normal usage at the discretion of Five Mile Prairie. Materials lost or damaged beyond repair will be paid for by the borrower.