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Foreign Language Test for High School Credit

You may earn up to 4 full credits depending on your ability! There will be an in-person option or a remote option this year. The remote option will cost $35 and we will need to know in the next two weeks if you would like that option.
THE DEADLINE FOR THE REMOTE OPTION IS 12/4/2020. The in-person option will cost $20. THE DEADLINE FOR THE IN PERSON OPTION IS 12/18/2020.
There will likely be a second session based on need and individual circumstances. The fee can be paid online or in person at the Five Mile Prairie office. Using the online option allows you to pay by credit/debit card. If you are paying at the Five Mile Prairie office, please bring a check or cash for the exact amount. If you need assistance accessing the online payment system, please contact the Five Mile Prairie office at 465-7700. Once you have made payment for your option, you will be registered. Then you will receive an email with follow up information and access to a practice test.