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Letter to Elementary Families

Dear Five Mile Elementary Families,


This unprecedented time is keeping us all in a constant state of change.  The things we took for granted like playing in the park, coffee with a friend, or going to work are all in flux. Yet, we know that you are continuing to work hard providing a quality education for the talented young minds in your care. We want to assure you that we are working hard to adjust to the newest mandates from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Beginning April 13th all Washington schools are tasked with continuing on with the education of their classes transitioning from “optional enhancement activities” to “new active learning.” We are to provide new lessons and have a face-to-face contact in a virtual setting weekly. With the announcement from Governor Inslee on 4/6/20 that on-site schools will remain closed for the duration of the school year, our new remote learning model will continue to evolve as the year progresses. 


We realize that our program is different, better in so many ways for this particular time period.  You are all set to continue with the instruction of your children. Therefore, we do not feel that giving you new lessons is in the best interest of your child’s education. However, as you know, we as teachers are expected to render our professional judgement on the progress of each of our students. Previously we were able to interact with your child(ren) in class making that rendering, helped by your progress reports, doable.  We are now faced with a situation in which we have lost that contact.  


As a staff we have come up with a solution that we hope will have little impact on your learning schedule, but will give us some common data that we can use to inform our monthly reports.


How we plan to do this:  We are going to send out weekly progress monitoring assignments in the areas of Reading Fluency, Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Math.  We will then share this data with you as well as use it to create our monthly reports.


Specifics:  We will be using one platform, Seesaw, to electronically deliver the assignments weekly.  These short assignments will be significantly similar. We will send the progress monitoring assignments in a 2 week rotation starting April 13th;  Math and Reading fluency on week 1 and Reading comprehension; Writing assessments on week 2. Repeating as long as needed.


These assignments will take the place of your 30-day reviews.  If your child completes the weekly assignments (~ 30 minutes per week), then you would not be required to submit your 30 day reviews.  We truly hope that you will be able to complete these progress monitoring assignments since it provides us with information that is significantly similar across the age range.  However, if for some reason this is not possible, please submit your 30 day review.


We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.  You may reach out to Mrs. Warren or any one of your childrens' teachers.  We are excited about the opportunity to strengthen our partnership with you and finish the year strong! 


Thank you for continuing to partner with us.  We love your kids!